Space for genderqueer, nonbinary, femmes, Two Spirit people, and trans and cis women to create games freely.

Summer VR Intensive Program

Applications for our 12-week virtual reality intensive program are open now! Workshops, hands-on practice, mentorship and an exhibition.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, June, 3

Artist Talk: Zeesy Powers

Hear about Zeesy Powers' animated, interactive room-scale VR game, currently in development in TAIS Studios – then experience it for yourself!

Tuesday, June, 6

June VR Social: Work + Play

Our monthly VR meetup for dames 'n' friends working on weird and wild works in VR.

Thursday, June, 8

Writing Non-Linear Games

Learn what you need to know to write and design non-linear interactive experiences.

Saturday, June, 10

No Tokens: People of Colour June Game Social

No Tokens is a casual meet-up for people of color that are interested in games as a hobby, job, or both!

Saturday, June, 10

Diversity and Decolonization in Video Games (presented by aluCine)

A talk and presentation of videogames created by Latin American people. Panelists will discuss the impact of games culture in the creation and strengthening of their identity, as a connection between different cultures and as a language.

Tuesday, June, 13

Intro to Maya: Modeling

Interested in learning to create 3D assets and environments for VR? Want to get an introduction to the complete pipeline in Maya? This is the workshop series for you!

Thursday, June, 15

Intro to Zbrush

Get started with ZBrush, a powerful (and sometimes convoluted!) sculpting, painting, and illustration tool.

Saturday, June, 17

Intro to Game Design

Curious about creating your own games – digital, card, board, or otherwise? Join us for an intro to design fundamentals, and build a paper prototype you can take home!

Tuesday, June, 20

Intro to Maya: Texturing and Rendering

Learn about polygon texturing, maps and rendering assets and environments for VR and games.

Tuesday, June, 27

Intro to Maya: Rigging and Animation

Learn about skeleton creation, keying frames for animation and using the graph editor in Maya.

Thursday, June, 29

Intro to Substance Painter

Get started with Substance Painter, and familiarize yourself with practical workflows for using the software.

Friday, June, 30

Writing Horror Games

Do you want to terrify all your friends with horror games? Or just slightly spook them? Or use horror as a metaphor? Want to unsettle and disturb your players? Then join this workshop!

Saturday, July, 15

July Speaker Social

Our monthly social, featuring three dames talking about their game projects, socializing and snacks!

Friday, July, 28

Writing Romance Games

Love romance games? Want to learn how to write one yourself? Or just want an excuse to write something steamy? This is the workshop for you!

Tuesday, August, 29

Intro to WebVR

A hands-on intro to free and open-source frameworks that are making VR accessible to just about anyone with a computer and access to the web.

Dames Making Games is a not-for-profit videogame arts organization founded in Toronto in 2012. We run a wide range of programs and events for women, nonbinary, femme and queer folks interested in games. We are member-run, arts-focused, technology positive, and collaborative.

  • Monthly social events since March 2012, featuring more than 150 speakers.
  • Regular public workshops on game design, art direction, music production, project management, business development, software tools and programming languages.
  • Quarterly salons and round-tables led by community members on topics such as labor justice, race and racism in games, copyright law, feminist modding, and more.
  • Fifteen game jams (and counting!) with more than 500 participants—many first-time gamemakers.
  • An annual 12-week immersive workshop surveying a broad range of disciplines behind unique roles, with weekly lectures and instructor-led project studios
  • Four six-week-long development workshops, introducing 50 participants to gamemaking and leading them through the completion of their first solo game.
  • Jam-style mentorship programs, with over 60 participants making a complete game in just 10 days.